The Way to Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently

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Cleaning the bathroom is not easy, and most people struggle to clean and sanitize the toilet. Long hours of bending and scrubbing can leave you with a sore waist and back. If you’re struggling to clean your bathroom, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will not lead you towards various ways to clean your bathroom and bathroom cleaning tips. Instead, we will tell you steps to deep clean your bathroom. In turn, it will help to maintain hygiene while protecting from germs.

Cleaning the bathroom is not easy
Cleaning the bathroom is not easy

Why cleaning your bathroom is essential?

According to doctors and hygiene experts, dirty toilets can affect the health of the elderly and children. And, your toilet needs to be clean because you don’t want germs spreading all over your home. Besides, an unclean bathroom may have an unpleasant odor. To avoid the above, you should deep clean your bathroom.

Safe and effective ways to clean your bathroom

You may have cleaned the bathroom floor with disinfectant, except for the rest of the toilet. But, if you don’t deep clean your bathroom, you won’t be able to stop the spread of germs. Here are some ways:

Clean your bathroom
Clean your bathroom

1. Clean the shower curtain

You can put your plastic shower curtains on your washing machine to wash the same. Use regular detergent to scrub away the ordinary dirt. Once the wash is complete, hang the curtains to dry.

For the shower doors, you can make a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Now, apply the same to the door. Leave it for an hour and then rub it with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and dry the same with a microfiber cloth again.

2. Descale your shower head

Pour white vinegar on a plastic grocery bag to submerge the showerhead nozzle. Place it for overnight soaking. Remove the same in the morning and run the water to rinse. The showerheads may harbor bacteria, leading to various types of diseases. Thus, cleaning your shower head will help you get rid of those germs.

3. Clean bathroom walls, ceilings, and countertops

Spray cleaners on countertops, walls, and ceilings, then turn on the shower. Wait until the steam builds. Now, turn off the water and shut the door. Let the cleaner and steam mix for 30 minutes. Use Tilswall cordless spin scrubber to clean the sidewalls and counter-tops. You can also use dry microfiber mops to reach high spots.

You can apply a car wax coat to minimize water ceramic tile’s watermarks. Mildew-resistant paints may also help to eliminate watermarks from the walls.

4. Give a tidy look to dingy grout

To clean your grout, you can use the electric bathroom scrubber. Dip it in a cleaning solution and scrub the discolored areas. Make sure to ventilate the room. You can also seal the grouts every six months to prevent grime and moisture from infiltrating.

5. Clean the bathroom sink

At first, pour white vinegar down the drain and flush to drain the same. You can use disposable disinfecting wipes, which will help to reduce bacteria. As the sink drain contains the highest number of bacteria, you should clean the bathroom sink once a week. Don’t forget to clean the faucet handles too.

6. Clean toilet seat

Take a bowl and pour a cup of baking soda into it. Let it be for a few minutes. Then use an electric bathtub scrubber to remove dirt. Flush after rubbing for a few minutes. But, if you see the spots after rigorous washing, you can repeat the process. Make sure you are cleaning your toilet seat once a week, as most of the germs linger on the toilet seat.

7. Check your bathroom vent

Flip the circuit breaker. Now, remove the cover and soak with warm water and dish soap. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the grime from the fan blades. You can also wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the bathroom vent helps to reduce the mold and the other airborne particles that may linger on the vent and the blades.

Why is Tilswall electric spin scrubber “worth every penny”?

After reading the above points, if you are thinking cleaning the bathroom may be painstaking for you, we have the solution then. Forget about the scoring back or achy knees. Tilswall electric cleaning brush is already generating buzz on social media. Not only that, it has a legion of fans who are using the electric scrubber to clean the toilet. It can remove stubborn grime from your sink, toilet, and bathtub without causing any strain to your back.

Best housework assistant
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Features of Tilswall electric spin scrubber

  • Cordless scrub brush
  • Adjustable tilting handle
  • Help you to deep clean those hard-to-reach areas
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts along
  • Flexible spin heads, further enhancing the scrubbing abilities

According to one of the customers, “Due to a weakness issue, it is hard to clean my toilet. However, with the help of the Tilswall electric scrubber, it’s very easy. Thanks to the electric scrubber to help me maintain hygiene.”

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