8 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Your House

Spring represents new life, new beginnings, and a chance to start something interesting. What better place to start than decluttering and cleaning your home? Not for making it tidy clean, but it is also essential for your health. In this explosive situation, cleaning your home means creating a safe and healthy environment around you. It will protect your family too. 

Spring cleaning is like a tradition that freshens up our homes. Be the reason for a wide smile on your near and dear one’s face. To be precise, a spring in your step. 

1. Approach room by room cleaning

Cleaning your home room by room is the shortest and most effective way to deep clean it. It would help if you had the cleaning checklists for each room to help you stay organized. However, skip those areas which are cleaned already. Instead, focus on those areas which were neglected during winter. 

spring cleaning tips
Spring cleaning tips

2. Get rid of clutter

Say goodbye to clutter this spring. What could be better than a four-step approach that would be helpful for you in the spring cleaning? Identify the areas that need to be cleaned. Analyze reasons for accumulated dirt. Fix solutions and implement the same. You can also make this process quicker by sorting your belongings-trash, giveaway, store, or throwaway. Move the clutter to somewhere else. However, not all clutter is useless. It may be helpful for someone to donate the clutter to any charity. Contact the volunteers to give away those unused goods.

3. Use an electric spin scrubber 

A very important part of spring cleaning is deep cleaning. Cleaning your household is not enough. An electric spin scrubber could be your perfect companion to perform deep cleaning. With its long handle and strong power, your home will get a perfect treatment. Clean every corner of your room with this electric cleaning brush. It runs on a battery, ensuring you don’t need to think about electric power. Arm an electric spin scrubber and enjoy a healthy and clean home.

4. Start working from top

Spring cleaning should start with the ceiling. The debris accumulated from cleaning can be re-dusted or re-cleaned. Vacuum the ceiling fans and clear the cobwebs with the same. Now, dust the furniture and other items before vacuuming all the debris from the floors.

5. Deep clean kitchen and bathroom

When it comes to spring cleaning, kitchens and bathrooms are essential. Here you go-


  • Take an M4 short-handed electric spin scrubber and wipe down the cabinets.
  • Clean the refrigerator. Wipe down shelves and throw the old items.
  • Clean the stainless-steel items with a gentle cleanser. You can use a steam cleaner to avoid scratching issues.
Deep clean kitchen
Deep clean kitchen


  • Clean the bathroom sink.
  • Wipe the tiles and grouts with an electric spin scrubber.
  • Change the shower curtain.
  • Check the cosmetics drawer and throw all the expired items.

To know more about how to clean your bathroom tiles, you can read this article: How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with an Electric Cleaning Brush?

6. Replace your furnace and HVAC filters

It is one of the most overlooked parts, although it is essential to healthier you. Choose a high MERV rating. HVAC filters will be more effective by catching smaller, irritating particles. In turn, it can not enter your space. In this way, you can ensure the air is healthy for breathing. You can also invest in an air purifier. If anyone is suffering from allergies, it would be highly beneficial.

7. Give attention to outdoor

Now you’re nearing the end of your spring cleaning, but don’t forget about outdoor hygiene.

  • Throw away all the unused goods/products from your garage.
  • Wash all the outdoor furniture.
  • Check if the garbage bin is already filled. If yes, throw away the same. Clean it with some cleanser to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Remove the window screens and wash the same with a water and soap solution mixture.
  • Wash the outside of your windows.
Spring cleaning of outdoor
Spring cleaning of outdoor

8. Keep the cleaning product list short 

If you buy cleaning products, make sure you keep them to a minimum. Many cleaning products may create clutter, leaving you cleaning the same over time. Instead, you can opt for an all-purpose cleaner to keep your home clean and fresh. 

Spring cheer is here

Did you catch the ultimate goal? It all rests on making the indoor and outdoor of your home tidy, clean. These simple tips will make your spring cleaning task easier. Want to buy an electric spin scrubber for quick and deep cleaning? Tilswall is providing the same. To know more, visit the website today.