8 Cleaning Issues when You Deep Clean Your House

clean the corner of the room

A home is a warm haven, and a clean and tidy home is a must. We need to deep clean the rare corners of our house. Don’t you want your house to be clean and healthy, just the way you take of yourself or your loved ones? Your house, rooms, and other areas are your loved ones, too. They are all longing for your special touch. 

If you are a corner person, love to read books, have your mug full of coffee, and enjoy your Sunday morning, then you must clean those over-sighted areas. Let not the dust trigger you through allergy or any other health issues. Therefore, it needs time and patience, and ninja techniques for cleaning. This article will help you with some fantastic cleaning ideas that will blow your mind. 

Issues and Its Remedies 

Some issues require enough amount of nurture and care. Here we are with some great corners of your house that make you understand its essentiality of cleaning. 

the uses of the electric cleaning brush
The uses of the electric cleaning brush

1. Ceiling Fans with Light Fixtures 

Hopefully, you will not choose anyone to be your ladder, so it’s a great idea to buy a disposable duster with its flexible and expandable head. The main head of the duster is flexible enough to bend and reach out at any point of the secrete area. It is generally made of cotton pads, so there is no chance to scatter dust and spider webs. 

2. Molding and Ceiling

If you pay attention to your molding crown and corner ceiling, you will get shocked by dust and spider webs. Take a long broom and clean it at least once a week to keep the areas clean and neat. 

3. Cabinet Top and Towering Furniture 

You should clean the top of kitchen and your room’s cabinets. Use some “sodium laurel ether sulfate” as a cleaning agent to clean the top of the tall cabinets. Also, the Tilswall electric cleaning brush would help you to get complete kitchen cabinet cleaning. Using the telescopic function of its long handle, you can easily carry out a thorough cleaning. The electric cleaning brush runs in a battery, so you don’t need to connect with an electric source.

m3 spin scrubber cleaning brush
M3 spin scrubber cleaning brush

3. Window Blinds

Your windows blinds need a cotton pad or cloth to clean with some mild soapy water or dry dusting to remove all the dirt from its tongue. 

4. Sliding Door’s Track 

Doors track generally accumulated all the dry dirt and wet, muddy dirt as we cross those doors often. It needs a small, thin liner brush to remove dirt. You can do it every fortnight. 

5. Behind the Toilet Seat

Now, the loo is one of the significant areas that need to be cleaned, starting from walls to the floor and behind the toilet seat. You must do it once a week with an “oleo amine” kind of export product on tough stains. 

6. Refrigerator Coil

The most common appliances in everyone’s houses today are refrigerators, and the salient part of it is the coil. The coil sometimes may burn with excessive rust. Therefore, the coil also demands a regular check-up. However, it is highly suggested to book a professional for coil cleaning. 

7. Garbage Disposal

Generally speaking, if your shoe rack and garbage pot are clean, you are a perfectionist and calm personality. It is highly recommended to clean your garbage pot clean regularly to avoid disease. 

8. Air Filters Cover

Have you ever followed your AC or Heater acts differently? AC generally drags all the fine dust of your room towards its blades, and the filters get clogged. So, it is also needed to clean, you can hold the filter beneath running water, dry it, and it’s good to go. 

Frequently asked question 

What cleaning agents can be used with our electric cleaning brushes?

  • Baking soda
  • Bleach
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Disinfectant cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner

Final words

These cleaning issues listed above are ones that most of us are likely to encounter. With the proper cleaning techniques, we believe our homes will be cleaner. Grab your electric cleaning brush and get to work.