Angle Grinder Tips: Install and Remove the Cutting Blades

tilswal angle grinder

An angle grinder, additionally known as a mill or disc grinder, is a hand-held power tool used for cutting, grinding, as well as sprucing up.

There are various angle grinder blades for different work, such as reducing blades, wire wheel brushes, brightening blades, grinding blades, woodworking saw blades, lucite reducing blades, and aluminum-alloy reducing blades.

Angle grinders perform cutting and grinding jobs by reducing blades. The sharpness of the reducing blades directly influences the procedure of the angle grinder.

Angle grinders require spanners as well as crosses to set up the reducing blades. Install them in the order of the stopper, reducing the blade and dealing with tightening up the nut.

When removing the reducing blade, push the lock and remove the screw stress plate to eliminate the cutting blade. In some cases, it is not feasible to eliminate the reducing blade, in which instance it can be gotten rid of by shredding or breaking the cutting blade.

thickness for longer use
Thickness for longer use

This article will reveal to you just how to install and eliminate the reducing blade of an angle grinder.

How to install the cutting blades of an angle grinder?

Cutting discs are crucial for grinding, cutting, descaling, and polishing procedures with angle mills. So, just how to set up the angle grinder cutting blade?

  1. First, prepare the installment devices. Typically, you can install a spanner and a cross reamer.
  2. Get the angle grinder ready to mount the angle grinder stopper, tighten the dealt with nut of the angle grinder with the cross reamer.
  3. After tightening, you can mount the reducing piece. First off, you have to distinguish the positive and adverse sides of the cutting item. Some cutting pieces likewise do not need to differentiate. Refer to the directions to accomplish.
  4. When setting up the reducing blade, starting point the cutting blade on top of the angle grinder, then make use of the fixing nut to stabilize the reducing blade, utilize the spanner to tighten up the nut.
  5. After making sure the nut is tightened, you can install the manage on the side of the angle grinder. Note that You can’t reverse the setting order of an angle grinder, and also, you must tighten the repairing nut during the procedure.
a tool-free quick release guard
A tool-free quick-release guard

How do I remove the cutting blades of an angle grinder?

The cutting blades of angle grinders typically need to be changed after an extended period or do not satisfy the cutting needs. How do you eliminate the reducing blades of an angle grinder? Is disassembly the like setup?

Removal of the cutting blade of an angle grinder is simple. Usually, you need to push the lock on the back of the angle grinder, remove the screw pressure plate of the angle grinder, use a spanner to eliminate the reducing blade and reinstall a new one as defined above. Nonetheless, this is the typical case of disassembly operation. Sometimes there will be an angle grinder cutting piece how can not be removed, then experience this circumstance how to do?


  • Remember to unplug the cutting blade from the power supply before mounting and also dismantling it.
  • Using an angle grinder is best to choose more than 40 teeth of a premium quality saw blade and utilize both hands to operate, excellent protection of actions.
  • Whatever the type of power tool, there are specific risks involved in its use. So we have to put on protective devices when using the angle grinder, such as protective handwear covers, goggles, etc.

What if I can’t remove the cutting blade from the angle grinder?

Angle grinder may come across unique situations, such as damage to the cutting item that can not be unloaded. If this circumstance is not distressed, you can use the following three approaches to take it apart.

  1. Repaired angle grinder with pipe pliers before and after, the back of the clamping transmission equipment, the front of the spin clip item, requires the cutting item to be screwed down undoubtedly.
  2. Damage the cutting blade inside, then pour out the busted cutting blade. This technique generally requires breaking greater than 50% of the debris to take off, extremely problematic and might damage the angle grinder if you are not cautious.
  3. With fire, utilizing the concept of thermal expansion and tightening, a weapon to heat the reducing piece, the heated reducing item will be simple to remove.

In general, the fire home heating approach is more functional if it can not remove, generally only to transform the pin.